Cory Ballis

Welcome to Ballis Glass...

I was born in Fresno and raised in the rural area of Sanger, where I was raised in an artistic environment.  My grandfather was a Movement Photographer and my grandmother was an Oil and Water Color Painter, so there was always the opportunity to create art while growing up, but I never fully enjoyed creating art until I was earning my BS Degree in Business Marketing at Fresno State when I stumbled upon my true passion in 2005, Blown Glass.  It began as just an elective course but grew into something much more; it grew into an addiction and a passion.  It all started with that first dip into the furnace and gathered a small bit of glass and I was struggling to keep it on the blow pipe, I was HOOKED! 

When working with glass there is a dedication that must be made, you must give yourself to each piece.  Once you start there are no timeouts, no re-do’s, it’s a non-stop dance once you gather that first bit of glass. 

I began working at Kliszewski Glass as an assistant glassblower in my last year of college in 2009.  I started as a part time assistant, but have worked my way up to Head Assistant.  In 2012, I earned 2nd place in Advanced Glass at the Big Fresno Fair.  I work hard to increase my knowledge and skill in glass every day and everyday there is something new to be discovered.